How to increase the value of your company during a transfer?

Negotiating the price when selling a business can be a complex and delicate process. It is important to understand the different levers that can be used to obtain the best possible price. To help sellers maximize their value at the time of the sale, XVAL offers a business valuation solution that includes the following factors

  • Financial performance of the business: The financial performance of the business is a key factor in determining the selling price. A history of stable earnings and revenue growth can increase the value of the company and therefore the selling price. XVAL's business valuation solution takes an in-depth look at the company's financial statements and EBITDA growth levers to determine its value.
  • Asset quality: The tangible and intangible assets of the business can influence the sale price. Tangible assets include equipment, buildings, inventory and working capital. Intangible assets include patents, trademarks, licenses and contracts. XVAL's enterprise valuation solution evaluates the company's assets to determine their value with a careful process that takes intangible assets into account.
  • The market situation: The demand and supply in the market can also affect the selling price of a business. If the market for the company to be sold is growing very strongly, businesses may be sold at higher prices, while in a declining market, prices may be lower. XVAL's business valuation solution analyzes market trends to determine the best possible price.
  • Quality of management and staff: The quality of management and staff can also influence the selling price. A strong operational management team can add value to the business and therefore increase the selling price. XVAL's business valuation solution examines the skills and experience of management and staff to determine their contribution to the value of the business.
  • The length of the negotiation: The length of the negotiation can also play an important role in negotiating the sale price. The longer the negotiation, the less likely the company will receive a good price. XVAL's business valuation solution saves time by providing an accurate assessment of the value of the business within 3 days, which can help the parties reach an agreement more quickly.

By using these different levers, XVAL's business valuation solution helps companies to maximize their value at the time of sale. XVAL's valuation service can not only help sellers obtain a better price but can also improve the quality of the negotiation by providing solid and objective data on the value of the business. Executives looking to sell their business can take advantage of this solution to achieve the best possible results.

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