Company Value Sharing Bonus
XVAL, an expert in company value enhancement, can help you implement the Company Value Sharing Bonus (PPVE ) to strengthen the commitment and motivation of your employees by involving them directly in your company's success.
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Company Value Sharing Bonus (PPVE)

Definition of the Reference Valuation

In-depth analysis of your business to determine the most appropriate valuation.

Personalized advice on valuation methods in line with legal guidelines.

Drafting the PPVE Agreement

Assistance in drafting the PPVE agreement, ensuring compliance with current regulations.

Best practice guidance for successful implementation.

Annual support

Valuation updated annually to reflect your company's growth and performance.

Creation of an annual information document to share with your employees for total transparency.

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Why choose XVAL?

Our expertise in business valuation enables us to offer precise, personalized valuations tailored to the specific needs of each company.

We favour a tailor-made approach, ensuring that each valuation strategy accurately reflects your company's reality and ambitions. Our commitment doesn't end with the delivery of a report: we're with you every step of the way, from initial advice to annual follow-up, ensuring smooth implementation and compliance with regulatory requirements.

 With XVAL, you benefit from a partnership based on trust, transparency and support dedicated to the success of your PPVE project.

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Company Value Sharing Bonus (PPVE)

What is PPVE?

The "Prime de Partage de la Valorisation de l'Entreprise" (PPVE) is a French tax scheme introduced to strengthen employee commitment by involving them directly in the value of their company. This mechanism enables employers to pay an additional annual bonus, based on the increase in the company's value over a given period. The PPVE aims to create a closer link between company performance and employee rewards, while offering tax benefits to encourage its adoption.

The PPVE is designed to be accessible to all employees of an eligible company, without restriction as to position or hierarchical level. This includes both full-time and part-time employees, provided they meet the criteria defined by the company in its PPVE agreement. Eligibility criteria may include aspects such as seniority or specific performance targets. The aim of the PPVE is to foster a sense of belonging and recognition for the company, by involving all employees in its success and growth.

expertise in company valuation. This assistance includes in-depth analysis of the company to determine the most appropriate valuation method, in compliance with current legislation. XVAL also guides companies in drafting the PPVE agreement, ensuring that it complies with all regulatory requirements. In addition, XVAL offers annual support, including updating the company's valuation and creating informative documents for employees, ensuring clear transparency and understanding of the PPVE.

VAL employs a customized approach to company valuation within the PPVE framework, in line with legal requirements. Legislation specifies that the valuation must take into account, in a balanced way, various aspects such as the company's net book value, profitability and business prospects. Based on these criteria, XVAL selects the most appropriate valuation method, whether asset-based, income-based or market-based, to accurately reflect the company's true value. This rigorous assessment ensures that the valuation formula not only complies with regulations, but is also tailored to the company's specific characteristics and objectives.

The tax regime for the PPVE (Prime de Partage de la Valorisation de l'Entreprise) in France provides for specific tax exemptions, notably on social security contributions. These exemptions may include the reduction or elimination of certain social security contributions and income taxes, subject to compliance with the criteria laid down by law. Specific details may vary according to changes in legislation and the specific conditions of each company. For accurate and up-to-date information, we recommend that you consult a XVAL consultant.

Yes, but certain additional tax benefits may be available with a profit-sharing agreement.

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    christian padiou
    Very good appraisal of a sci which was to be valued for an internal share exchange.
    christian padiou
    efficient and professional
    Véronique Winn
    I was impressed by XVAL's competence, attentiveness, responsiveness and ability to meet deadlines for the valuation of a holding company as part of a succession for a very specific business. That's why I highly recommend XVAL.
    Véronique Winn
    Korean French TeleVision
    This was our inaugural experience in the field of value enhancement, and it's worth pointing out that Xval and Mr Delcamp clearly demonstrated their ability to guide us explicitly through the ins and outs of the process. Many constructive exchanges took place, with a view to gaining an in-depth understanding of our company. We would like to express our gratitude for the efficiency of your services. We look forward to working with you in the future, in the context of the forthcoming fund-raising, with a view to a new valuation.
    Korean French TeleVision
    Mounir Hachemaoui
    Very happy and satisfied with the services of this company. It was for the valuation of a company, they are fast and efficient!
    Mounir Hachemaoui
    Jean-Paul Coudre
    Serious, competent and always responsive to our requests, to be recommended, perfect experience.
    Jean-Paul Coudre
    Estelle Chosseler
    Uncompromising professionalism and responsiveness. Clear analysis and excellent value for money.
    Estelle Chosseler
    Alexandre Duriez
    Efficient and pragmatic.
    Alexandre Duriez
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    Quality work and good listening skills for a reliable and accurate service.
    Marc Faid'herbe
    Good quality and fast work. Thank you

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