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    At XVAL, we only do business valuations, but we do them well. Our specialization enables us to offer our customers detailed, high-quality business valuations in a short timeframe at a competitive price.

    Customized study within 3 days

    Company valuation by a consultant specialized in your business sector, with a thorough understanding of your business and market parameters. A very simple 4-step process: collection of the information required for the study (e-mail, telephone or video meeting, etc.), transmission of a draft report within 3 days, discussion and possible amendment of this draft during a meeting with the customer, issue of the final report.

    Several evaluation methods

    Whether based on assets or profitability, our consultant will use a number of methods to help you establish a price range in line with the current market situation. The valuation report presents all the valuation methods used and justifies each "decision" taken by the consultant in a factual and detailed manner.

    Confidential and personalized

    For each valuation of a company, the XVAL consultant will contact you in complete confidentiality for 2 meetings: framing of the valuation and a detailed restitution of the results. As we regularly intervene in legal proceedings or those requiring complete discretion, we guarantee the confidentiality of all your exchanges with XVAL.

    XVAL enhancement

    Company evaluation

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    Total: €720

    THEY testify

    More than 30 company evaluations carried out every month.

    "Competent, attentive, responsive"
    "Competence, attentiveness, responsiveness and meeting the deadlines announced were all on target for the valuation of a holding company in the context of a succession, for a very specific business. That's why I highly recommend XVAL."
    Véronique Winn
    "I highly recommend it!"
    "I contacted this company for the valuation of 4 companies. The consultant took charge of my file with great efficiency. Very responsive and attentive, he managed this project perfectly despite the complexity of the files. The final reports are well argued and very clear. I highly recommend it!"
    Aurore Log
    "Quality work"
    "The work rendered is of high quality, clear and precise. What's more, the team is attentive, very professional and respects deadlines."
    Vladimir Coeuret
    "Tailor-made support
    "Impressed by the professionalism and responsiveness, very good understanding of our enhancement project. Tailored support throughout our business relationship, I recommend!"
    Nicolas Kleiber

    Our customers' Google reviews speak for us. Each XVAL consultant is committed to providing a quality service that meets your expectations, depending on your situation: business transfer, succession, contribution to a holding company, separation of partners, fund raising, etc.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    What confidentiality do I need to promote my company?

    The XVAL consultant will sign any confidentiality agreement required for your company valuation.
    In the absence of any information from you, XVAL consultants apply strict confidentiality to all information transmitted for the valuation of your company.

    For each valuation ordered, adetailed report is sent to the client presenting the valuation methods used (assets, profitability, DCF, etc.) to estimate the value of the company, and any adjustments made.

    For each method, the valuation elements used are detailed and explained.

    Each consultant is specialized in a specific sector of activity, which allows him or her to perfectly master the customs and practices of evaluation specific to each sector.

    To launch a valuation of companies or businesses, you just have to send us the main documents of the company to be valued by email : support@xval.fr and to proceed to the payment of the valuation study.

    To pay, you just have to click on the button below (secure payment by stripe) or to make a transfer on the RIB transmitted by the XVAL consultant.

    During your meeting with the XVAL consultant, he will give you the list of documents necessary for the evaluation according to your sector. In bold, the essential documents to launch the first analyses.

    Legal documents

    • K or Kbis extract (if available).
    • Articles of Association.
    • Minutes of the last general meeting.
    • Auditors' report for SA and SAS. (if applicable)

     Financial documents

    • Balance sheets and income statements for the last 3 years.
    • Detailed analysis of the turnover over the last 3 or 5 years:
    • breakdown of sales by customer and by product/service
    • billing method (rate, payment method, etc.)
    • of major customers
    • Remuneration, expenses, benefits in kind and billings of the transferor(s) and his/her family.
    • List of loans - schedule. (if applicable)
    • List of leasing contracts - schedule. (if applicable)

    Operating documents

    • Commercial lease
    • Miscellaneous contracts :
      • general terms and conditions of sale (GTC),
      • employment contracts,
      • insurance policies,
      • commercial contracts,
      • concessions or operating licenses,
      • lease management contract.
    • Title deeds to the company's real estate. (if applicable)
    • Participations held. (if applicable)
    • Industrial property rights (patents, licenses, trademarks). (if applicable)
    • Administrative authorization or license (patents, licenses, trademarks). (if it is a regulated activity)
    • Personnel status: organization chart, seniority, remuneration, age pyramid, non-competition clauses in employment contracts, etc.
    • State of the main equipment in case of value (list, date of acquisition, condition, etc.).
    • Product/service catalog and prices.
    • List of pending litigation or lawsuits.

    XVAL is a brand of "MONTJOIE DEVELOPPEMENT", a SAS based in Annecy, France, specializing in supporting business leaders in the following areas:

    • valuation,
    • advice on financing,
    • fundraising,
    • transfer of shares.

    Montjoie Développement is a company run by Laurent Delcamp, a legal expert with the Chambéry Court of Cassation in the categories of "Company valuation and corporate rights, corporate finance, management analysis."

    www.xval.fr is involved throughout France in assisting entrepreneurs with the transfer of their businesses.

    Company valuation plays a crucial role in business transactions.

    It provides an accurate estimate of a company's market value, making it easier to negotiate and conclude fair deals.

    For sellers, an accurate valuation ensures fair compensation for their investment and efforts. For buyers, it guarantees a fair purchase price and reduces investment risks.

    The company valuation serves as a solid basis for negotiation, fostering a transparent and successful transaction.

    With XVAL, the complete evaluation of your company is fast and efficient, usually completed within 3 days.

    Our process is designed to be as precise as possible while minimizing the time required.

    We combine proven valuation methods with the expertise of our consultants to provide a detailed, in-depth analysis of your company's value within a short timeframe.

    Yes, at XVAL we offer customized valorization for companies of all sizes.

    For companies with sales in excess of 1 million euros, we provide tailor-made quotes to ensure an accurate and detailed assessment that takes into account the complexities and specificities of your business.

    The results of XVAL's valuation are presented ina detailed report which includes the valuation methods used, the restatements made and the valuation elements retained. Every aspect of the valuation is explained in detail to ensure transparency and understanding.

    Our specialist consultants are also available for personal appointments to discuss results and answer any questions you may have.

    Choosing XVAL to promote your company offers a number of advantages.

    We guarantee afast, accurate and personalized assessment thanks to our team of specialized experts.

    XVAL carries out over 2,000 valuations a year, and is one of the few players in the market dedicated to company valuations, with a database of company valuations that is unique in France.

    Confidentiality is at the heart of our service, ensuring the security and protection of your sensitive information.

    What's more, our personalized approach ensures that each assessment is tailored to the specific needs and unique characteristics of your business, providing valuable insights for decision-making and strategic planning.

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      christian padiou
      Very good appraisal of a sci which was to be valued for an internal share exchange.
      christian padiou
      efficient and professional
      Véronique Winn
      I was impressed by XVAL's competence, attentiveness, responsiveness and ability to meet deadlines for the valuation of a holding company as part of a succession for a very specific business. That's why I highly recommend XVAL.
      Véronique Winn
      Korean French TeleVision
      This was our inaugural experience in the field of value enhancement, and it's worth pointing out that Xval and Mr Delcamp clearly demonstrated their ability to guide us explicitly through the ins and outs of the process. Many constructive exchanges took place, with a view to gaining an in-depth understanding of our company. We would like to express our gratitude for the efficiency of your services. We look forward to working with you in the future, in the context of the forthcoming fund-raising, with a view to a new valuation.
      Korean French TeleVision
      Mounir Hachemaoui
      Very happy and satisfied with the services of this company. It was for the valuation of a company, they are fast and efficient!
      Mounir Hachemaoui
      Jean-Paul Coudre
      Serious, competent and always responsive to our requests, to be recommended, perfect experience.
      Jean-Paul Coudre
      Estelle Chosseler
      Uncompromising professionalism and responsiveness. Clear analysis and excellent value for money.
      Estelle Chosseler
      Alexandre Duriez
      Efficient and pragmatic.
      Alexandre Duriez
      Marc Faid'herbe
      Quality work and good listening skills for a reliable and accurate service.
      Marc Faid'herbe
      Good quality and fast work. Thank you

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