The Forensic Expert in Business Valuation: Role and Importance

In the complex world of business,company valuation plays a central role, particularly when it comes to resolving legal disputes. This is where the role of a legal valuation expert comes into its own. XVAL, under the direction of Laurent Delcamp(appointment request), offers recognized expertise in this specific field, guaranteeing precision and reliability in every valuation.

The Role of the Judicial Expert in France

A judicial expert is a qualified professional, registered on a list of the Court of Appeal or the Court of Cassation, and appointed by a judge to provide technical expertise in cases where the judge requires specialized insight. In business valuation, this expertise is crucial to determining the fair and equitable value of a company in contentious contexts such as divorce, inheritance or disputes between partners.

To be appointed as a legal expert, one must not only possess specific technical skills, but also demonstrate integrity, neutrality and independence(Information link to the public service website). Laurent Delcamp, founder of XVAL, is a forensic expert in business valuation, and is able to assist you in your business evaluation or valuation processes.

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    Framework for the Appointment of a Valuation Expert

    The situations requiring the intervention of a forensic valuer are varied: valuing a business in the context of a divorce, in order to divide assets fairly, determining the value of a company for succession purposes, or resolving conflicts between partners on the basis of the real value of their business.

    The process begins with the appointment of the expert by a judge, followed by an investigation phase in which the expert gathers all the necessary data, analyzes the company's finances and applies the appropriate valuation methodologies. The resulting expert report serves as a basis for the judge to make an informed decision.

    Remuneration of a legal expert in a dispute

    Expert fees are included in the cost of the trial.

    In civil litigation, this cost may be borne by one of the parties, usually the one who loses the case. This cost may be covered by legal aid if the losing party qualifies.

    In a criminal trial, this cost is borne by the State.

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