Company valorization: XVAL will accompany 1546 companies in 2022

1546 managers have entrusted us with the valuation of their company: THANK YOU!

Acquisition or transfer of companies, transfer of capital between partners, increase of capital, contribution to a holding company, transfer of companies, many reasons have led you to entrust us with the valuation of your company.

Some statistics on the evaluations or valuations of companies carried out :

  • 43% of the companies valued in the service sector, 24% of the evaluations in the industry sector.
  • 22% of company valuations for companies with less than 20 employees, 10% for companies with more than 5000 employees.
  • 14 "enterprise valuation" methods used
  • 76 valuations carried out for start-ups in the context of a fund raising

Company valuation: XVAL is the first multisectoral company valuation database in France!

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