Company evaluation: in what context is it useful or necessary?

Many clients ask us for the cases in which we intervene to evaluate we intervene to evaluate companies, we propose the usual cases of of valuation :

6 common company valuation cases :

  • Valuation of company shares for a sale between partners. A tool to share the parameters of the valuation and to secure/prevent the exchanges.
  • Valuation of company / business to prepare a transfer (change of activity, retirement). An essential tool to be able to contact intermediaries for the transfer of your company with a with a clear vision of the value of your company.
  • Valuation of a company / business to justify a proposal in the context of an acquisition, to support a negotiation. A tool that gives credibility to your proposal and allows you to support a a negotiation on rational and controlled elements.
  • Valuation of company / business / shares of company company shares in the context of a divorce, inheritance to support these exchanges on a shared and documented valuation.
  • Company valuation as part of a fund-raising campaign to justify the financial equilibrium of the balance sheet or the balance sheet or prospects for an investor.
  • Valuation of a company / enterprise to to make a regular assessment of its assets and analyze the value of the strategic strategic decisions and orientations taken by the company. Usually every 3 to 5 years.

A personalized and documented business assessment:

For each case, the XVAL experts develop a specific approach taking into account in particular your constraints of time, confidentiality, etc. confidentiality, etc.

The company valuation document sent at the end of the valuation is documented, making it easy to read, even for people with little financial with a low financial culture.

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